It’s That Time Again

Hello! That time of year is coming close again. The time where i receive my email from the hosting company telling me my account is up for renewal. It looks like the renewal date is February 14th, so it’s possible the site may be down for a while starting on that date. Hopefully taxes are kind to me this year and I can use some of my return to keep the page up, and hopefully I get them early enough so there is no interruption at all to the sites availability. Please note that I am not asking for donations. I’m, merely passing on the information in case anyone really does visit here consistently. Perhaps this year I’ll have more postings than the last? Hopefully so.

It’s Been a While

Hey! I do sincerely apologize to anyone who visits this site regularly, as I haven’t been. Anyway, here’s a clip I recently got my hands on from Chicago Hope. Enjoy!


The Fuckin’ and the Suckin’

Hello! It’s been a while. I’ve had a hard drive crash in which I lost everything I had regarding Sara Rue. All that’s left is what I have on my little web space here. Oh well. Time to start acquiring agin perhaps? Perhaps. Who knows? On a brighter note…

Enjoy a clip from the movie For Christ’s Sake. There’s a lot of sex in it, but I chose to share a scene without any. Sex is good, but funny is good too.



Anyone else remember when psych was used fairly commonly? Cause I do. Yikes! Anyway, Sara was on the show Psych recently and I figured I should put a clip up here since, well, that’s what I’m supposed to do. This site isn’t dead. It’s just really slow. Hehe. Anyway, enjoy!



Hey! Anyone still come around here? lol. Been SUPER long since I’ve posted anything, and I still keep sort of up to date on Sara news. Learned she’s writing/producing a show due on the CW which seems to me to be a reworking of the Spaced comedy which never made it to air. Hopefully it’s just as good as the British Spaced cause if it is… I’m gonna like it! Anyway, TV shows came back in the fall and with that are news episodes of Rules of Engagement. The first ep with Sara in it aired last week or the week before… I really should keep track but it’s cool. Here’s a clip (if I can remember how to do it)!


Sara Rue on Netflix

Hey everyone! ┬áHere’s a brief post in case any of you out there have Netflix’s streaming package. You can enjoy 3 of Sara’s movies instantly, including her recent ABC Family move, My Future Boyfriend. Links!

My Future Boyfriend

Not Since You

Gypsy 83

They also have a couple other movies you can get on disc if you have that plan, which I won’t shortly as they’re almost doubling the price Sept 1st for having disc and instant. Nonetheless, they have other movies as well as some tv shows that Sara has been in (Popular, Two and a Half Men, Roseanne). Be sure to look up separate movies if you want them because not all projects she has been in are listed under her name there. Enjoy!

Still Alive…

The cake is a lie.

But really, I’m still here. Summer is always a busy time out here. Don’t worry though! Updates haven’t completely ceased. Still working on getting a copy of “My Future Boyfriend” and I have some new pictures of Sara to post. In the meantime, be sure to visit her twitter @sararueforreal and sift through the past tweets to find a few wedding pics and hopefully I’ll get some decent time soon to put up some new clips of old shows/movies she’s been in. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Congratulations, Sara!

It’s official. Sara Rue is married. May 21st seems to be the magic day. As much as this may disappoint MANY of those who have written to me telling me tales of their undying love for her (not really, hehe), I’m taking this brief opportunity to congratulate her. So grats Sara. Hope you two live happily and long…ily…