Sara Rue – A brief history

Sara was born Sara Schlackman on January 26, 1979 in NYC to Joan (Rue) and Marc Schlackman. Her mother and father, already being in the entertainment industry (actress and stage manager respectively), helped Sara get her start at the age of 9. While attending a party in New York, she met an agent who thought she was “kinda funny looking” and sent her on an audition. She won the role, and starred in her first acting part as Burt Lancaster’s granddaughter in the movie Rocket Gibralter.

Throughout the 90s, Sara appeared on quite a few few tv shows, including a starring role in the show Grand (1990) and appearances in Phenom, Rosseane, and ER. The end of the 90s approaches, and we can find Sara on a recurring part on the WB’s Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane as Breeney Kennedy, a wheel-chair bound student with a sour disposition towards others. In 1999 she starred in A Slipping Down Life along with Guy Pearce and Lili Taylor. The same year, she was also starring in the WB show Popular as Carmen Ferrera, an overweight teenager with dreams to be social equals with the cheerleaders.

In 2001, Gypsy 83 was released. Sara plays the starring role of Gypsy Vale, a goth chick who, with her best friend, travel off to New York City in search of themselves and a Stevie Nicks fan gathering. 2001 and 2002 also saw small parts in Pearl Harbor and The Ring. Sara also starred in the tv sitcom “Less Than Perfect” from 2002-2006. The show also starred Andy Dick and Andrea Parker. Idiocracy was released in ’06 starring Luke Wilson. Sara played the role (uncredited) of the Attorney General.

More recently, Sara has had a role on two episodes of Two and a Half Men as Roberta’s pregnant daughter. She has also had a part on The Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s girlfriend who ends up moving in and getting a bit too clingy. As of this writing, her latest tv appearance was in an episode of the TNT show Leverage.

The future has Sara starring in the movie Not Since You, which is about a group of friends who are reunited for a wedding. Also to be released is a film titled For Christ’s Sake, which also features Will Sasso. ABC has also given the greenlight for the show Eastwick, which is based on the John Updike book The Witches of Eastwick.  Sara will be playing the friend of one of the main witch characters.